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        Main uses of small excavators and their application fields

        Main uses of small excavators and their application fields

        Main uses of small excavators and their application fields

        Nowadays, there are many large and medium-sized excavators in our market, so we are relatively familiar, but small excavators like 5 tons or less are very rare, so it is not very clear what the main uses of small excavators are.

        The small excavators we talked about below mainly refer to the models of 5 tons and below. Compared with the previous manufacturers, there are still relatively few manufacturers in the country. Some manufacturers still use the technology of more than ten years ago. The work is inflexible, the performance is poor, and the work is not efficient, so it also restricts the production demand.

        Like the professional small excavator manufacturer headed by the Sany small excavator, all the technologies are in line with the world, the technology is advanced, the machine is flexible and convenient, and the work efficiency is high, which greatly improves the usability and the use of the small excavator. It has become more widespread.

        Here we briefly analyze what the main uses of small excavators are, and which areas to adapt to:

        First, agricultural planting, such as digging trenches, planting trees, orchard cultivation, fertilization, landscaping cultivation, ploughing in the greenhouse;

        Second, small municipal engineering, pavement repair, basement construction and interior decoration construction, concrete crushing, demolition, cable trench excavation, tap water pipeline construction;

        Third, rural foundation and small-scale construction, demolition, river channel ditch cleaning, small tunnel construction, underground pipeline construction, and other small construction environments.

        Because of its small radius of gyration, simple and convenient transportation, low energy consumption, high efficiency, wide adaptability and little impact on the surrounding environment, the above environment can be well adapted.

        Because this type of small excavator is small in size, flexible and convenient, it can be a good substitute for manual operation, which greatly saves production costs, so the work that can be manually operated slowly will be used by this small excavator. Instead, this is a development trend, so with the increasing labor costs, the main use of this small excavator will be greatly increased, so we can not only limit the current application to analyze its application range, we can In this way, as long as the small excavator can enter, it can be constructed, and the small excavator is suitable for this environment.

        Because the excavator has good expansion, it can be equipped with many tools such as wood grabber, breaker, punching machine, hydraulic shear, etc., and like Deli small excavator can also be customized according to customer needs, so This makes the function of the small excavator very powerful, which indirectly expands the main purpose of the small excavator.

        Manual labor may be used to transport the product in the factory, and it is now possible to replace it with this small excavator.

        Like some ore firing units, they are all manually operated, but the high temperature makes people very uncomfortable. Now you can replace it with a small digging machine.

        In the past, the construction in the underground pipeline was operated by people. Not only was the work efficiency low, but there were still many safety hazards. Now, like the electric drive, these problems are completely solved. There is no exhaust gas, no pollution, no noise. Very well adapted to the needs of the environment.

        In addition, since the small excavator has a small amount of application and a wide application environment, this is also a very good project for a friend who wants to start an excavator, and has a remarkable feature of small investment and quick effect.

        The main purpose of the above analysis of small excavators is only some simple performances of the current industry. I feel that with the development of the excavator industry, this small digging opportunity has gradually penetrated into various industries and become our robots. Become our good partner and create more value for us.

        I hope that our analysis of the main uses of small excavators can help you solve problems, so that you can better understand the development and changes of this industry, and provide reference for your practical work application. If you have any questions, please ask Contact us to give you a better answer.

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